The Mitchell Railroad Raiders

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Hon. Judge Holt, in his official report as Secretary of War, used these words: "The expedition, in the daring of its conception, had the wildness of a romance; while in the gigantic and overwhelming results it sought and was likely to accomplish, it was absolutely sublime."

What was the "expedition?" To disrupt and destroy the Confederate rail lines that were feeding the rebel army with arms and supplies. It was extremely hazardous guerrilla warfare.

Twenty-four intrepid men under the division of General Ormsby Mitchell volunteered for the mission. John "Alf" Wilson was among them and here he tells the true story of their actions, capture, and escape to freedom.

Wilson's modest style, affection for his brothers-in-arms, and his shocking descriptions of life in a Confederate prison camp, make this one of the most compelling narratives of the American Civil War. This is also a story you won't read in such detail anywhere else.

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