When legendary Charlie Siringo wrote this classic work, he was only thirty years old and had already spent half that life as a cowboy. With enduring wit, he tells the tale of long cattle drives, small-town beauties, meetings with Billy the Kid, and growing up on the Texas frontier. In plain language you’ll read what it was like to live on the “hurricane deck of a Spanish pony” for months on end, earning enough to head into town and have a good time.

Excerpt from A Texas Cowboy

“The Kid and Garrett finally opened up a conversation. The former seemed to be in fine humor. Every now and then he would crack some kind of a joke and then laugh, so that every one of us could hear him. At one time he asked in a jovial way: ‘Garrett, have you got a fire out there?’ ‘Yes, a good one!’ was the answer. ‘Can we come out and warm if we behave ourselves?’ ‘Yes,’ replied Garrett, ‘but come with your hands up.’ ‘Oh, you go to hell, won’t you? You old long-legged son of a bitch!’

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