As General George Custer rode up Rosebud Creek toward the Little Bighorn and disaster, he had forty Indian scouts and interpreters with him. In 1909, the surviving Native Americans of that group were interviewed about their experiences with Custer on the fateful day of June 25, 1976.

Read this fascinating Native American account of the young Arikara scouts who rode with Custer and the 7th Cavalry.

Excerpt from The Arikara Narrative

Custer said: “This camp has not seen our army, none of their scouts have seen us.” Big Belly replied: “You say we have not been seen. These Sioux we have seen at the foot of the hill, two going one way, and four the other, are good scouts, they have seen the smoke of our camp.” Custer said, speaking angrily: “I say again we have not been seen. That camp has not seen us, I am going ahead to carry out what I think. I want to wait until it is dark and then we will march, we will place our army around the Sioux camp.” Big Belly replied: “That plan is bad, it should not be carried out.” Custer said: “I have said what I propose to do, I want to wait until it is dark and then go ahead with my plan.”

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