The Noble Eightfold Path

The Way to the End of Suffering


Bhikkhu Bodhi


(Kindle & Kindle application only)

  1. Click the green FREE DOWNLOAD button.
  2. Save the file (NobleEightfoldPath.epub) to your desktop.
  3. Go to your Kindle device.
  4. In Kindle (or the Kindle application), go to Settings > Send to Kindle Email Address.
  5. Email the .epub file to the unique address shown for your Kindle (you don’t need a subject line or text in the body of the email).

It may take a few minutes for the book to appear in your Kindle Library.

IMPORTANT: The footnote links currently work correctly on some devices and not on others. I’m still troubleshooting.

 Download the FREE Kindle application for mobile devices on Amazon or from the store on your mobile device.


You can sideload ePub files to NOOK and read them using the following steps:

  1. Connect (mount) your NOOK or mobile device to your PC or Mac to access the folder structure.
  2. Open the NOOK Folder on your PC or Mac.
  3. Open the My Documents folder.
  4. Drag NobleEightfoldPath.epub into the folder.
  5. Disconnect your NOOK or mobile device from PC or Mac.
  6. Open the NOOK or NOOK App for mobile devices.
  7. In the Navigational Menu, select My Files.

NOTE: I don’t have a NOOK on which to test this but these instructions are from the B&N website.

Download the FREE NOOK application for mobile devices from the store on your mobile device.

Adobe Digital Editions: You can also read the book on a laptop using Adobe Digital Editions.

Calibre E-book Viewer: This is a free e-book creator and manager.

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Source: The Wheel Publication No. 308/311 (Kandy: Buddhist Publication Society, 1984), second edition (revised) 1994. Transcribed from a file provided by the BPS

Copyright © 1998 Buddhist Publication Society

Access to Insight edition © 1999

For free distribution. This work may be republished, reformatted, reprinted, and redistributed in any medium. It is the author’s wish, however, that any such republication and redistribution be made available to the public on a free and unrestricted basis and that translations and other derivative works be clearly marked as such.

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