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Beyond the Great Snow Mountains

By the Waters of San Tadeo • Meeting at Falmouth • Roundup in Texas • Sideshow Champion • Crash Landing • Under the Hanging Wall • Coast Patrol • The Gravel Pit • The Money Punch • Beyond the Great Snow Mountains

From the Listening Hills

Anything for a Pal • Backfield Battering Ram • Down Paagumene Way • Flight to the North • From the Listening Hills • Moon of the Trees Broken By Snow • Moran of the Tigers • Murphy Plays His Hand • Sand Trap • A Night At Wagon Camp • Too Tough to Kill • Waltz Him Around Again Shadow

May There Be A Road

Friend of a Hero • May There Be A Road • Fighter’s Fiasco • The Cactus Kid • Making it the Hard Way • The Hand of Kuan-Yin • Red Butte Showdown • The Ghost Fighter • Wings Over Brazil • The Vanished Blonde

Off the Mangrove Coast

Fighters Should Be Hungry • The Cross and the Candle • Off the Mangrove Coast • It’s Your Move • The Rounds Don’t Matter • The Diamond of Jeru • The Unexpected Corpse • Secret of Silver Spring • Time of Terror

With These Hands

Fighters don’t Dive • With These Hands • Corpse on the Carpet • Six-Gun Stampede • Pirates of the Sky • The Sucker Switch • Gloves for a Tiger • Police Band • Flight to Enbetu • Dream Fighter • Voyage to Tobalai

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