Sharpen your web writing skills and write great content that hooks readers and makes them happy to do business with you. Learn to do this without sleazy, manipulative copy and instead with writing that helps your readers reach the goals that brought them to their web browser.

Excerpt from the introduction

This book contains 16 steps that help you be a better web copywriter, increase your productivity, make your clients or your boss want to kiss you, and might just protect you from vampires. Whether you’re a seasoned web copywriter writing for clients, a newbie, or you’ve just been tasked by the company’s web committee to come up with dazzling content, you can write better content that achieves goals for you and your audience.

I’m going to coach you to be a student of web behavior and through that, to learn how to speak to your target audience using words and images that grab them. It’s not rocket surgery. But it takes observation and thought. Fortunately, one of the best subjects to study is you.

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