Lieutenant Edward Settle Godfrey kept this diary during the spring, summer, and fall of 1876 while he commanded K Company of the 7th Cavalry under General Custer. Godfrey played an important role in the fight, later became a nationally-known authority about the Last Stand, and retired a general. This book includes Godfrey’s famous 1892 Century Magazine article about the battle, the first published by an officer in the 7th.

Excerpt from Godfrey’s 1892 Century Magazine Article

“Mitch” Bouyer, the half-breed interpreter, “Bloody Knife,” the chief of the Ree scouts, “Half-Yellow-Face,” the chief of the Crow scouts, and others were having a “talk.” I observed them for a few minutes, when Bouyer turned toward me, apparently at the suggestion of “Half-Yellow-Face,” and said, “Have you ever fought against these Sioux?” “Yes,” I replied. Then he asked, “Well, how many do you expect to find?” I answered, “It is said we may find between one thousand and fifteen hundred.” “Well, do you think we can whip that many?” “Oh, yes, I guess so.” After he had interpreted our conversation, he said to me with a good deal of emphasis, “Well, I can tell you we are going to have a big fight

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