“What he writes has the stamp of first-hand knowledge and the grace of a sympathetic style. The world owes a debt of gratitude that the accident of the discovery of the tomb brought to it so painstaking a workman as the author, one who was willing to sacrifice the golden possibility of haste and fame to the slow accumulation of scientific knowledge.” The New York Times

Excerpt from Howard Carter

At first I could see nothing, the hot air escaping from the chamber: causing the candle flame to flicker, but presently, as my eyes grew accustomed to the light, details of the room within emerged slowly from the mist; strange animals, statues, and gold—everywhere the glint of gold. For the moment—an eternity it must have seemed to the others standing by—I was struck dumb with amazement, and when Lord Carnarvon unable to stand the suspense any longer inquired anxiously, “Can you see anything?” it was all I could do to get out the words, “Yes, wonderful things.” Then widening the hole a little further, so that we could both see, we inserted an electric torch.

Among the hundreds of books written about ancient Egypt and Tutankhamun, you won’t find an equal to archaeologist Howard Carter’s powerful book about his discovery.

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