He was swimming in the Little Bighorn, an easy afternoon, when firing erupted upstream. Wooden Leg dashed to his lodge to get his rifle, mounted his horse, and rose to confront soldiers under Major Marcus Reno. As an old man, he gave the details of his participation in the Battle of the Little Bighorn and life as a Cheyenne to his friend, Dr. Thomas Marquis. This is his story.

Excerpt from Wooden Leg

The air was so full of dust I could not see where to go. But it was not needful that I see that far. I kept my horse headed in the direction of movement by the crowd of Indians on horseback. I was led out around and far beyond the Uncpapa camp circle. Many hundreds of Indians on horseback were dashing to and fro in front of a body of soldiers. The soldiers were on the level valley ground and were shooting with rifles. Not many bullets were being sent back at them, but thousands of arrows were falling among them. I went on with a throng of Sioux until we got beyond and behind the white men. By this time, though, they had mounted their horses and were hiding themselves in the timber.

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